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Memorial Grant
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The East Brunswick High School Class of 1989 Memorial Grant was created in 2014 following the first EBHS89 Memorial Golf Tournament. Proceeds from the 2024 tournament will continue to enrich and enhance innovative programs for students at East Brunswick High School.

2024: The goal of this grant is to acquire state-of-the-art electrophoresis chambers for science classes in order to enhance our research capabilities and educational opportunities in biology. The new equipment aims to elevate the precision, efficiency, and versatility of molecular analysis and provide students with hands on experiences with up to date science equipment. Ultimately, the goal is to advance scientific discovery, contribute to academic excellence, and prepare the next generation of future scientists for success using new technology.

2023: The goal of this grant is to update the way in which the East Brunswick Marching Band (EBMB) moves its equipment from the truck to the field and back to the truck. The sleek design of the Titan Covered Synth Fname, which will be purchased with grant funds, is engineered to handle the challenges of transporting and safeguarding sensitive gear in all kinds of weather.

2022: The end goal of this project is for there to be an enduring electronic music making presence at EBHS, with the intent of delivering at least two annual performances attended by students, thus providing a positive and fun experience to the entire student school community. Grant funds wil provide for the acquisition of the equipment necessary to achieve this goal. Both the students participating in the learning process as well as the hundreds, if not thousands, of students who attend the concerts over the course of at least a decade will benefit from this addition to the Music Department.

2021: No grant due to COVID-19.


2020: The goals of this grant are threefold. Mobile Virtual Player (MVP) Robot Dummies will become tools that will be utilized by teachers, coaches, students, and athletes to: 1) prioritize proper techniques and safety on the sports field and

during physical education classes, 2) increase and improve the overall ability and skill level of EBHS football student-athletes, and 3) enhance physical education classes and curriculum.

2019: The money received from this grant will make it possible for high school students with special needs to "build" The Bear Store, a school store that will provide practical, real-life opportunities for disabled students to practice executive functioning, social, money management, reading, and math skills. The special needs students will organize, manage, and run  the store. They will order, set up displays, be in charge of inventory, and manage the sales of merchandise. The store will be open to all EBHS students during lunch periods, providing learning disabled students with unlimited opportunities tp regularly interact with their general education peers as they man the store. Items such as greeting cards, printed socks and gloves, cell phone accessories, etc., will be available for purchase for a reasonable price. In addition, in conjunction with National Honor Society students, an on-line version of The Bear Store will be developed where EBHS students and staff will be able to order Bearwear, gifts, and novelties online.

2018: Funds from this grant, matched by the East Brunswick Education Foundation, helped modernize the Video Production Studio capabilities at EBHS. This allowed for HDTV recordings and broadcasts directly from the production studio in room G6 while adding a solid platform for live streaming to the Internet which can be used for special events throughout the school year. 







2016/2017: The EBHS89 Grant purchased a 75" flat screen TV with Google Chromecast Ultra and Google "Smart Assist". This allowed teachers to better engage social studies classes in more 21st century, student-centered learning activities, assessments, and differentiated instruction. Students will be able to engage in group and online discussions, read online articles or history documents (PDF files or web links), and even create their own videos. Any student work can be displayed on the new main screen in the front of the classroom, or one of the other screens in the room using Google Chromecast instantly through Wi-Fi. Also, instead of simply recalling the Bill of Rights, World War II, the Civil Rights Movement, and many other important aspects of our curriculum, students can use technology tools to examine numerous topics throughout  history, and work together to examine solutions during class and on our Google Classroom and Classroom Moodle Website.

2015: the grant supported the EBHS volleyball team by purchasing an Acuspike device, helping them master the art of footwork, the jump, arm swing, and timing.

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