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NO FREE Equipment



One of the most popular scams in the credit card industry is the promise of FREE EQUIPMENT!!! Many merchant service providers will offer free equipment as an incentive for gaining your business. However, logic doesn't support the concept.

The price of a typical piece of card processing equipment, from mobile card readers to fancier signature capture devices, can range from $75 for a mobile card reader to $650 for a signature-capture device. Simply put, every $300 piece of "free equipment" you receive from a provider is an instant $300 loss on their ledger. In other words, in order to pay for that piece of "free equipment", that $300 has to come from SOMEPLACE!  Enter "junk fees" on your card processing statement!

At SōBōNet, you'll never receive "free equipment." Instead, we offer a compromise–we'll sell you equipment AT OUR COST! In other words, we pledge never to mark up a piece of equipment any more that what WE buy it for.

This way, not only can you be sure that you won't be charged "junk fees" to subsidize equipment cost losses, but we'll never offer you equipment that you don't want/need. By taking our profitability on equipment sales out of the equation, you can be sure that any equipment we recommend is for YOUR best interest...not OURS!

Consider this: mice die in mouse traps because they don't understand why the cheese is free!!!

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