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In the event of a data breach at your company, you'll need to ask yourself several questions, or these questions may be asked of you:

  1. How much would this have cost us to secure the barn door BEFORE the horse got out?

  2. How much is it going to cost us (in terms of impact to brand, reputation, and monatarily) now that the horse has left the barn?

  3. Who signs your annual PCI audit and takes on the liability of a data breach?

  4. Where is the list of employees that get fired in the event of a data breach?

  5. Is YOUR name on that list?

Credit Card Processing security

The best way to avoid a data breach is to keep sensitive card data from your company's network in the first place. Two ways to ensure that malware on your network doesn't have access to data is:

  1. Tokenization: If you're saving client card data ANYWHERE in your office–be it on your computer, in a binder, or "on file"– you're putting that data at risk of being stolen...and your company at risk of liability. Instead, allow SoBoNet to recommend a tokenization method to save card data OUTSIDE your network, yet allow you to seamlessly access it to make accepting card payments easier.

  2. Secure data entry: Use encrypted keypads and PIN-pads to encrypt card data from the point of entry instead of entering card data via your computer keyboard. Don't allow malware to read the keystrokes of the card numbers you enter.

The ePaymints® gateway lessens the burden of PCI compliance for managers by simplifying the required yearly Self Assessment Questionnaire 

  1. SAQ D: Basic catch-all questionnaire. 326 questions.SAQ D:

  2. SAQ C: Used by other generic payment applications. 139 questions.

  3. SAQ C-VT: For card-not-present virtual terminal transactions via ePaymints® virtual terminal WITHOUT P2PE data entry device. 73 questions.

  4. SAQ P2PE: For card present and card-not-present transactions via ePaymints® virtual terminal WITH P2PE data entry device. 35 questions.

  5. SAQ A: For card present and card-not-present transactions via ePaymints® API integrations WITH P2PE data entry device. 18 questions.

Please consult with your merchant service provider as to the SAQ they request.

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