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What is a Hosted Payments Page?

Hosted Payments

A hosted payments page is a third-party checkout web form that handles electronic transactions. The ePaymints® hosted payments page can process credit cards, debit cards, and ACH transactions.

  1. Easy Set up: Brand your page with your company's logo and change the page color to match your company's palette –all formatting is easily done within your ePaymints® gateway settings. No coding is required. 

  2. Customize To Your Needs: You choose what fields to be required, optional, or hidden... and add whatever custom fields you'd like!

  3. Dynamic Usage: Add a payment link on your website, create a button on a PDF invoice, or send it via email or text!

  4. Enhanced Security: Transfer the burden of managing, transmitting, and protecting sensitive data to us!  You'll maintain PCI compliance by removing all transactional information from your site, and processing all transactions on ours!

  5. Simple checkout process: The process of running a transaction has never been easier!

  6. Instant Transaction Notification: Upon conclusion of a payment, a receipt is immediately sent to the cardholder...AND TO YOU!

Click the button below to see an example of a hosted payments page.

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