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ePaymints' iSpy is a rule-based transaction scrubber that will block transactions from fully processing if they trigger one or more rules set within the software. Spy touches all sources of processing on ePaymints®, and can be set on a “per location"  basis. iSpy will scrub transactions against the Merchant’s set rules, and block or mark them for review accordingly.

The service can be used to enforce a minimum/maximum transaction amount, block or whitelist IPs, email addresses, countries, credit card numbers, and more. It can also be set to adhere to daily, weekly or monthly usage thresholds such as restricting a consumer from changing their credit card number over a certain number of times during a specific time range.


How to use iSpy

iSpy has three sections in which a Merchant can access rules and thresholds, and two sections to review the results of those rules and thresholds.

Thresholds: This page allows you to set the parameters of your fraud protection, based on the amount of money charged per transaction, the number of transactions charged, etc.

User Ban: This page allows you to ban specific users, by the IP address of their computer, by their credit card number, by country, or by their user information in your system.

Exceptions: This page allows you to make exceptions to the fraud ban system for users you know are legitimate.

Waiting Review: Transactions that have been flagged as possibly fraudulent will appear on this page, waiting for your review. If you find them harmless, do nothing. If you believe the transactions are fraudulent, you may cancel the charges put through by going to your gateway.

History Log: This page allows you to see recent transactions performed, with a color-coding chart for easy reference as to whether the transaction was accepted, denied, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of merchants need iSpy?

A: Though all merchants can benefit from the reassurance a fraud scrubbing utility offers, it’s true that some merchants are more likely to be targeted by fraudsters than others.  It’s also anticipated that as EMV cards become standard in card present transactions, there will be a rise in card not present fraud, meaning more e-commerce merchants will be at risk. iSpy is an ideal solution to combat the predicted spike in online credit card fraud.

Q: Does iSpy work in card present transactions?

A: Although iSpy was originally designed for e-commerce, it works equally well for card present transactions. The software’s thresholds and rules do not discriminate between retail and keyed transactions, nor is the utility’s scrubbing ability restricted by transaction origin (API, Virtual Terminal, Batch Upload, etc.).

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