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Level III Talking Points for Sales Representatives

When a client wants to"save" money each month, is it coming out of YOUR pocket?

Instead, let the card-issuing banks subsidize client savings, and charge the same as the incumbent provider to make more margin!

Unbeknownst to many companies, interchange is NOT a fixed cost. In fact, there are rebates that companies providing B2B services are entitled to receive, based on the data that is submitted at the time payment is accepted and submitted. These rebates, referred to as Level III processing, come in the form of reduced interchange fees.

Discussion of Level III has traditionally been intimidating for both the merchant AND the relationship manager. Not so

with the SōBōNet virtual terminal, making Level III rebates easily obtainable with the push of a button!

STEP 1: Keep 100% of the incumbent’s markup

Secure a meeting by asking a question to which you already know the answer.

Have you ever spoken with anyone about the rebates you are entitled to receive from card-issuing banks? It’s money due back to you based on the data you submit at the time of a sale on most corporate cards you accept. If you’re not receiving it, then the card-issuing banks are keeping it.


You: Say the above, instead of saying “Has ANYONE ever spoken to YOU...”, you make the question more personal by making the PROSPECT the subject.

Rebate: money you are DUE to receive BACK based on performance. In this case, the submission of additional data at the time of a sale triggers the rebate

Entitled:  emphasizes that you are SUPPOSED to have been receiving this…yet haven’t.

The Best Fit

  • Distributors, Manufacturers, and Wholesalers

  • Primarily MOTO/eComm (although we DO support EMV)

  • Preferably using a virtual terminal or countertop terminal

  • Minimum Visa/MasterCard yearly volume of $1.5MM

STEP 2: Prevent another processor from stealing your existing account by offering Level III processing.

Protect your portfolio by building a fence around your account

Simply put, there are other ISOs and MSPs out there trying to steal your client. If your client is eligible to dramatically reduce their interchange costs, yet found out about it from someone else, that's a client you're about to lose from your portfolio.

Create stickiness

When YOU call your client...UNSOLICITED...offering to reduce their processing fees, then you'll have a client for life!!!


SōBōNet was founded by Jeff Mandel, an 18-year veteran of the payments industry. SōBōNet will work with you to get your deal completed and maximize your revenue (by offering savings from INTERCHANGE...not out of your pocket!).

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